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UK Justice Minister to visit Jersey

October 5, 2016

The UK’s Minister of State for Courts and Justice, Sir Oliver Heald, will visit Jersey on 10 and 11 October 2016. This will be Sir Oliver’s first visit to Jersey since he took office in July this year as the UK Minister with responsibility for the Crown Dependencies.

During his visit, the Minister will meet the Bailiff, Mr William Bailhache, the Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, and the Minister for External Relations, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, as well as other ministers. He will stay at Government House as the guest of the Lieutenant Governor, General Sir John McColl.

Senator Bailhache commented “Jersey’s relationship with the UK is one of enduring mutual benefit. The UK is our strongest partner in trade and business, and I am particularly pleased to be able to host the Minister in Jersey so that he can see at first hand some of the other aspects of our Island’s rich cultural and historical heritage. We enjoyed excellent relations with Sir Oliver’s predecessor, Lord Faulks, and I look forward to establishing a similarly productive dialogue with Sir Oliver.”

Sir Oliver will be the guest of honour at a dinner hosted by the Bailiff on the evening of 10 October.

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