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The Council of Ministers is the Government of Jersey. The Council is led by the Chief Minister and made up of eleven other Ministers. The Government has responsibility for all of Jersey’s domestic and fiscal affairs and increasingly, the Island’s international affairs.

The responsibilities of the Council are set out in law and include the following:

  • co-ordinating policies and administration;
  • discussing and agreeing policy affecting two or more ministers;
  • prioritising executive and legislative proposals.

One of the first tasks of the Council is to draw up a Strategic Plan for Jersey within four months of its appointment. The plan outlines the Council’s aims and objectives and gives a timetable for implementation. Once the Strategic Plan is approved by the States Assembly, it is the role of the Council to make sure it is properly and efficiently delivered.

​The current Council of Ministers is as follows:

​Ministerial Position ​Minister
​Chief Minister Kristina Moore
​External Relations Philip Ozouf
Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture Kirsten Morel
International Development Carolyn Labey 
Infrastructure Tom Binet
Social Security Elaine Millar
​Children and Education Inna Gardiner
​Home Affairs ​Helen Miles
​Treasury and Resources Ian Gorst
Health and Social Services Karen Wilson
Environment ​Jonathan Renouf
Housing and Communities David Warr