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The Government of Jersey London Office represents Jersey in the UK. It supports Jersey Ministers and all Government departments in their interactions with the UK government, parliamentarians, the diplomatic and business communities and wider UK society. It is also a point of contact for the Jersey community in the UK.


Jersey is the largest and most southerly of the Channel Islands and home to around 99,000 people. The Island sits 85 miles off the south coast of England and 14 miles from the North West coast of France.

Jersey’s constitutional and economic history has ensured that the Island has long been an outward-facing community. Today, in its role as a leading international finance centre, a major tourist destination and a hub of digital creativity, Jersey continues to welcome visitors from, and do business with, countries and jurisdictions across the globe.

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Jersey and the UK

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency, a relationship unchanged since 1204 when England lost continen​​tal Normandy to France and the people of Jersey elected to remain loyal to the English Crown.

The Crown, via the UK Government, remains formally responsible for the Island’s defense and, to some extent, its international affairs. In all other aspects the Island is self-governing through our own States Assembly and Government.

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