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Chief Minister contributes to UK Brexit inquiry

December 21, 2016

The Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, represented Jersey yesterday (20 December 2016) at a hearing conducted by the Lords EU Select Committee as part of its inquiry into the effects of Brexit on the Crown Dependencies.

Senator Gorst was joined at Westminster by the Chief Ministers of Guernsey and the Isle of Man, who also gave evidence on behalf of their jurisdictions. The purpose of the Committee’s inquiry is to examine the following issues:

– reaction in the Crown Dependencies to the UK’s referendum on EU membership

– the Crown Dependencies’ existing relationship with the EU, and how this will be affected by Brexit

– the risks and opportunities that Brexit will present for the Islands

– what relationship the Crown Dependencies will seek to have with the EU post-Brexit

– the structures for communicating the Islands’ concerns and priorities to the UK Government during exit negotiations


Senator Gorst’s attendance at the Palace of Westminster yesterday formed part of an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in the UK Government and fellow Crown Dependencies concerning the Island’s interests following the Brexit decision.


Senator Gorst said “This hearing was a valuable opportunity for me and my fellow Chief Ministers to engage with an important Parliamentary committee and to share some views on a matter of great importance to Jersey. As the impact of the UK’s Brexit decision continues to be assessed, it is in the interests of all Islanders that Jersey continues to engage with the UK on this issue, and I hope that the information I was able to provide was of assistance to the Committee.”

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