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British Irish Volunteering Forum meets in Jersey

June 30, 2015

The annual meeting of the British Irish Volunteering Forum is being held in Jersey this week, coinciding with the NatWest Island Games which has attracted volunteers from all sectors of the local community.

The forum meets annually to bring member jurisdictions together to ensure that volunteering is high on national policy agendas and that areas for joint working and discussion are identified. This year, one of the topics for discussion will be volunteering legacy: how to build on people’s commitment to volunteering beyond the duration of specific events.

Delegates will also focus on measuring the impact that volunteers have and government volunteering policies and action.

Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Paul Routier, MBE, said “The timing of the meeting at the same time as the NatWest Island Games, for which so many Islanders have volunteered as Gamesmakers, gives us a fantastic opportunity to look at how we promote volunteering opportunities and ensure that we maintain people’s enthusiasm for community work.

“The purpose of the forum, which is independent from government, is to help ensure that volunteering remains high on the political agenda and is seen as effective in promoting social participation. Social inclusion is a critical concern for Jersey’s Council of Ministers and our Strategic Priorities are designed to support this.”

The forum will be held at the Games Village at Howard Davis Park on Wednesday 1 July.

The British Irish Volunteering Forum was formed in 2012 following a recommendation of a British Irish Council report outlining the contribution to social inclusion made by third sector organisations. Representatives from Guernsey, Isle of Man, Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland will be attending.

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